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Video Stories

In a golden age of video, gorgeous storytelling can tap into the truth at the heart of your message.

Beth specialises in crafting concise narratives that people want to watch again and again. She works directly with important stakeholders - customers, employees, volunteers, beneficiaries - to weave their individual experiences into a powerful collective poem or story.

Where possible, Beth will support your stakeholders with technique and confidence-building, to empower them to tell the story to camera.

Perfect for:

- Charity & community campaigns

- Festival & event promotion videos

- 'About Page' company video

- Team-building experiences

- Internal communications

- Customer-facing videos

- Launch videos

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Charity rates are available upon request.

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You may already have a campaign in mind, or you may like help crafting one. Beth has years of experience managing community campaigns that inspire a sense of purpose and togetherness. She works directly with important stakeholders - customers, employees, volunteers, beneficiaries - to weave their individual experiences into a series of powerful poems or stories.



Are you putting together a promo video? Perhaps you would like to take a show-don't-tell approach to your 'About Page'. Or maybe you are looking for something special to engage and thank your employees, volunteers, customers or donors. Beth will work with your stakeholders to craft a narrative that channels a sense of shared experience in a single video.



If the collaborative storytelling route isn't for you, Beth will create a bespoke poem or narrative on a topic of your choice and perform it to camera. Whether you are launching a new product, sharing a new call to action or simply creating something beautiful that compels people to stop scrolling and listen, get in touch. Beth has an innate ability to captivate and inspire through language.


This Mum Runs: #RunnerFullStop

Over the past year, I've collaborated with This Mum Runs to tell the stories of twelve women who have overcome barriers to achieve what they never thought they could even attempt.

The campaign aimed to show the journeys of each woman in their own voice, in a tone that was accessible to everyone and anyone. It achieved this goal; the launch video gained over 40K views on Facebook and was presented at Cannes Lion 2018.

Women across the UK fed back that the video inspired them to think of themselves as runners too, rather than being impeded by thoughts such as "I'm too slow" or "I'm not the right shape".

Photo Credit: Blacklight Productions

Valley Festival Promo Video

Valley Festival is a family-friendly festival in the rolling heart of Somerset. The marketing team wanted a piece of beautiful film that would stand out from the typical festival promotion videos.

Beth spoke to people of many different ages about their experience of Valley Festival and crafted a poem that captured the essence of what this place means to so many people. It is more than a festival: it is a gathering of like-minded friends and family members that hundreds look forward to throughout the year.

Festival guests were asked to perform individual lines of the poem to camera, creating an authentic, in-the-moment feel.

The poem was presented live on BBC Introducing in the West.