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The Poetry Machine is the perfect magical experience for your next event. Beth Calverley (Chief Operator) will fire up her marvellous wheel-along machine and craft beautiful, intuitive poems on her vintage typewriter for your guests.

Beth hosts a warm, welcoming conversation with each person, couple or family... within minutes they are being captivated by their one-of-a-kind, perceptive poem. They receive the original typewritten poem to take home with them and remind them of this magical experience.

You can also book Beth to perform a bespoke poem live at your event and entertain your guests with a mesmerising spoken word performance. Beth curates poetry events for people of all ages in all kinds of wierd and wonderful places, so get in touch if you have an idea.

Perfect for:

- Weddings

- Corporate events

- Launch events

- Music & literary festivals

- Anniversary celebrations

- Birthday parties

- Retirement parties

- Memorial services

- Family occasions

Get in touch for a quote, or continue to scroll for stories of past events and testimonials.

Charity rates are available upon request.

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This is your stop if you want to book The Poetry Machine for your next event - whether that's a wedding, a 5-year-old birthday party or a Christmas 'do. Your guests are guaranteed to be talking about it for months and years to come.



If you would prefer to commission a beautiful poem for your launch event or celebration, and have it performed live at the event to your guests, this is the experience for you! Beth will work with you to put your truth into words. Get in touch to get the magic started.



Beth produces spoken word performances at festivals and other events around the country. She has a talent for curating diverse and varied programmes that keeps guests of all ages coming back to the spoken word stage for more warmth and wonder.

Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

University of the West England Freshers' Fair

Beth fired up The Poetry Machine on campus at UWE Freshers' Fair, welcoming students with a chat and specially crafted poem.

The nervous new students were delighted at the chance to receive free bespoke poems, created before their very eyes in just a few minutes. Many of the poems centred on home and belonging, and will take pride of place on brand new bedroom walls throughout the year.

One student from Hong Kong said "you've really encouraged me!"

(Photo Credit: Super Funky Penguin Photography)

Arnos Vale Life Death & The Rest Festival

The Poetry Machine helps people to put truths into words that they may otherwise struggle to express. Beth is always honoured to be invited to Arnos Vale Cemetery for their events.

At the Life, Death and the Rest Festival, Beth hosted workshops to help people commemorate loved ones in their own words. She also set up The Poetry Machine in areas of busy footfall, crafting live poetry for guests.

Guests told Beth that she had helped them to share truths they hadn't been able to say out loud before, and resurface memories of loved ones in a healing and positive collaboration.


2018 was Beth's first year taking The Poetry Machine to WOMAD with the fantastic Hip Yak Poetry Shack. She had a continuous line of people queuing for free poems, and many of them said it was a highlight of their festival experience.

The person who received this poem has been going to WOMAD every year for 15 years!