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Welcome to The Poetry Machine, purveyor of participatory poetry experiences for people of all walks of life. Founder and poet, Beth Calverley, brings the gentle joy of creativity to places of work, learning and play. She collaborates with universities, hospitals, charities, councils and community-minded companies, helping people to express their thoughts and feelings by co-creating poetry.

Beth is an established poet and creative coach with a warm, supportive leadership style. The Poetry Machine has featured multiple times on BBC Radio and is a Bristol Life Awards Arts Finalist 2020.

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Bespoke Poems

The Poetry Machine crafts original, moving poems that have helped many people over the years to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Beth will gently draw out your memories to create a poetic portrait of your loved one. The poems are beautifully typed on Beth's vintage typewriter and delivered to your letterbox.

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Events, Weddings & Festivals

The Poetry Machine is the perfect memorable experience for your next event. Beth Calverley will fire up her marvellous wheel-along machine and speed-craft beautiful, perceptive poems for your guests. Beth hosts a warm conversation with each person, family or friendship group and within minutes they are being captivated by their very own poem.

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Beth designs fun, confidence-boosting experiences that help people to put their ideas and feelings into words. From collaborative team parties to supportive charity sessions, school poetry days to creative well-being events, Beth's workshops are planned especially for each group. She has received training from MHFA England, Literature Works and Alzheimer's Society.

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Video Stories

Beth weaves individual threads of experience into collective narratives that resonate widely. She will work directly with your network of customers, colleagues, volunteers, beneficiaries or community members to weave their contributions into a powerfully poetic storytelling campaign.

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