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Welcome to The Poetry Machine, a creative enterprise specialising in bespoke poetry, event entertainment & festivals, video storytelling campaigns and workshops.

The Poetry Machine exists to promote wellness by:

  • helping people to express truths they may be struggling to put into words.
  • empowering people to think and act creatively.

Beth Calverley, Chief Operator of The Poetry Machine, is a skilled poet and workshop leader who has honed her craft for the past 17 years. She uses poetry as a tool for good, working with young people, charities, healthcare settings, vulnerable groups and companies that are rooted in their communities.

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Bespoke Poems

The Poetry Machine crafts unique and intuitive poems that have helped many people over the years to put their thoughts and feelings into words. The poems are beautifully typed on a vintage typewriter and delivered to your chosen letterbox.

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Events, Weddings & Festivals

The Poetry Machine is the perfect memorable experience for your next event. Beth Calverley, Chief Operator of The Poetry Machine, will fire up her marvellous wheel-along machine and craft beautiful, intuitive poems on her vintage typewriter for your guests. She asks each guest a few questions and within minutes they are captivated by their unique heart-warming poem.

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The Poetry Machine helps people to put their truths into words. From corporate team days to themed charity events, one-on-one speech-writing support to group well-being sessions, Beth designs inclusive workshops that are thoughtfully tailored for each group.

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Video Stories

Beth specialises in crafting concise narratives that people want to watch again and again. She works directly with important stakeholders - customers, employees, volunteers, beneficiaries - to weave their individual experiences into a powerful collective poem or story.

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